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Hatha Yoga

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HA it means Sun, THA means Moon, while Yoga means joining, linking; So symbolically Hatha Yoga indicates the union between the Sun and the Moon, between the feminine and the male, or between the opposites that unite become One. It is the best-known form of Yoga in the West and is mainly made up of exercise, breathing and relaxation. The set of techniques is a practice that acts at the muscular level but also at the level of the circulatory, glandular, hormonal, neuronal system. Constant practice gives flexibility and muscle tone by bringing a greater awareness of your body and a great psycho-physical balance.


Imm. Hatha


The Hatha Yoga class is 90 minutes long and includes:

  • Breathing exercises (pranayama) for greater control of breath and mind;
  • The Salutation to the Sun (surya namaskar) to heat the muscles, increase flexibility and correct the breath;
  • Yoga positions (asana) to stretch and tone muscles, increase physical strength, improve blood circulation, and massage the internal organs;
  • The ultimate relaxation (yoga nidra) to completely relax the body and calm the mind.